Heroin addiction; Demystifying the unknown.

Heroin is a deadly opioid drug that is chemically synthesised from morphine and can cause various physiological and psychological ill-effects. Learn more about it and how you could save yourself, or your loved ones.

Cocaine addiction; the ‘high’ and lows.

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant extracted from the Coca plant and can damage one’s brain severely. Being addicted to cocaine is detrimental and has various ill-effects. Are you addicted? Or know someone who is? Learn how you can help them.

Combat Hashish addiction with efficient treatment

Hashish is a very common recreational drug which could lead to severe physiological complications when consumed beyond control. Hashish addiction can also cause mental illnesses and other related issues. Read more to understand the nature of the addiction.

Captagon; What is it? Really.

Starting as a prescription drug, Captagon, when misused, is highly addictive and will cause various ill-effects to the user. Amongst some of these are depression, insomnia and narcolepsy. If you are, or know someone who needs help, read this to find out more.

Tramadol, the danger it brings.

Categorised as one of the more easily procured drugs, Tramadol has been commonly misused by people to get high. This opioid analgesic is widely misused and can cause a lifelong addiction. If you are facing the similar situation, or know of someone who is, please read this article.

Marijuana addiction.

There is a wide misconception towards Marijuana, its usage, addictions and ill-effects. Many people around the world are commonly misguided about this drug. Read here to learn more about how Marijuana can affect your lifestyle.

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