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Teens taking ‘smart pills’ are not making a smart move – demystifying 4 common myths.

Teens nowadays are resorting to ‘smart pills’ to keep up with exams and studies. However, these result in long term addiction and health issues. Read more.

Breaking down nicotine addiction; 4 key elements

Nicotine addiction is very popular around the world and replacement therapy is a viable option. Read how Malaysian case studies are addressing this.

Understanding addictions and treatments

Addiction is a social stigma but understanding it will enable for better treatment and social relationships.

Investment and trading can lead to addiction; 6 reasons why.

Did you know that people who are actively involved in investing and trading are more susceptible to being an addict? Read this article to learn more.

Anatomy of addiction.

Addiction has a long history, and there is a wide range of it. This article will discuss the history of substance addiction and how it has plagued societies through time.

Gaming addiction; 9 characteristics proving its real.

Addiction is divided into two main categories, substance and behavioural addictions. With advancement of technology, gaming has increased, causing severe rise in addiction.

“Natural high” – 9 ways on how you can get it back

There are many lifestyle activities that could be inculcated to provide the body with a ‘natural high’. Understand how simple physical activities can be rewarding.

4 forms of internet addiction

The pandemic has witnessed a surge of internet users globally. There are many ways in which people can get addicted to it. Learn more about it.

Why do people consume drugs?

There are many reasons to consume drugs, and these ranges from person to person. While the factors are subjective to the person, here are some common reasons why.

What is aversion therapy?

There are very common misconceptions around aversion therapy and its usage around the addiction discourse. This article will be able to enlighten the topic.

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