4 forms of internet addiction

The pandemic has witnessed a surge of internet users globally. There are many ways in which people can get addicted to it. Learn more about it.

As a followup to last week’s blog post, now that you know about internet addiction, let’s dive deeper into a few of the different subtypes. Since some are less known than others, it’s important to know about all forms of an internet addiction to more readily identify if you or someone you love is struggling with one of these and seek professional help as soon as possible. 

1. Video Game Addiction:

Perhaps you’ve heard it said of a teenage boy “he’s addicted to video games” and thought this was an exaggeration. This compulsion to play games via a screen can be a true addiction and may lead to a lack of productivity, social engagement, and/or academic or career destruction. 

2. Online Gambling Addiction:

Also known as net compulsions, this addiction may involve online gambling via games but may also involve stock trades, online auctions, and other activities involving money loss and gain. This addiction has a great potential to lead to financial difficulties and/or ruin. 

3. Cybersex Addiction:

Probably the most well-known of the internet addiction, cybersex addiction can involve online pornography, adult websites and chat rooms, and/or webcam services. This struggle most likely impacts real life relationships and romance, producing emotional distance. 

4. Communication Addiction:

In the age of multiple social media platforms, you can have more online friends and interaction than ever before. A communication addiction is the need to be in constant contact with many people without reason and is more common among teenagers.

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